“Elina Flyrin creates imagery that simultaneously feels alien and familiar, with a multidisciplinary practice that includes drawing, painting and textiles. Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, she graduated from Goldsmiths University of London, Fine Art in 2019.

Within her imagery, boundaries dissolve into abstraction: boundaries between the physical and the intangible, the interior and exterior. Her work can be interpreted as an exploration, a search for answers, although sometimes to rhetorical questions. Regardless of material, organic shapes emerge from their surface, leaving the audience with a feeling of being swept away with them. ⁠

‘I wish for there to be a sense of movement in my work: moving shapes and environments that have been held still in a frozen image. There is an energy that is created in that tension, and I think that it is possible to convey that: to invite someone to imagine a pattern of movement, if it is moving slow or fast, calmly or erratic, and what that might mean.”
⁠(Text by Lovisa Ranta for ARTIQ)